Interview with Ennahda party member.

Tunis, Tunisia.

Graduation day at Loyola University Chicago!

Outside the Grand Mosque

Kairouan, Tunisia

Academic Articles

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Other Publications

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Articles Under Review

Dobbs, Kirstie Lynn. “Active on the Street but Apathetic at the Ballot Box? Exploring Youth Abstention in a Nascent Democracy: The Case of Tunisia.” Under review at Studies in Comparative International Development.

Dobbs, Kirstie Lynn. “Youth Quotas and ‘Jurassic Park’ Politicians: Age as a Heuristic for Vote Choice in Tunisia’s New Democracy.” Under review at Democratization.

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Working Papers

Looking outside the office building of the Union  Générale Tunisienne du Travail

Tunis, Tunisia

Member of the Youth Delegation at the Chicago Forum on Global Cities

Visiting the Medina in Marrakesh, Morocco


“The Impact of Democratization on the Formulation and Implementation of Tunisian Foreign Policy in the Post-Revolutionary Era” (with Peter J. Schraeder)


“Setting Yourself up for Success: Processes and Partnerships in Civically Engaged Research” (with Adriano Udani)


“Civically Engaged Research and its Impact on Political Science, the Public, and Knowledge Creation” (with Adriano Udani, Graham Bullock, and Doug Hess)