Meeting with Tunisia's Vice President of the National Constituent Assembly, Larbi Abid.

Tunis, Tunisia



Comparative Politics Courses

"Comparative Politics." Taught in the fall of 2020. Syllabus.

"Democratization and Development." Taught in the spring of 2021. Syllabus.

"Revolutions." Taught in the fall 2016 and the spring 2019. (Syllabus) 


International Relations Courses

"International Relations." Syllabus.

"International Relations of the Middle East and North Africa." Syllabus.


American Politics Courses

"U.S. Politics." Taught in the fall 2019 and spring 2020. (Syllabus)

"MA State and Local Politics." Taught in the spring 2020. (Syllabus)

"American Politics" PLSC101. Last taught in the spring 2019. (Syllabus)

"Introduction to Political Science" HIS102. Last taught in the spring 2019. (Syllabus)

Conducting research in southern Tunisia.

Toujane, Tunisia

My early college and full-time Merrimack students debating political issues in my U.S. Politics Course at Merrimack College.